Add My Car


A Yellow board car with all its documents. Fast Track does not provide cabs to its drivers.

Your commercial driving license (driver badge) and police verification certificate.

Own commercial vehicle (yellow plate) in a good condition or new car or recent model car.

With the above mentioned required things, you can contact Fast Track call taxi office for the registration process

Registration Process:

Get all your car’s document ready (Owner’s book, Insurance, Finance Receipt (if any) )

  • 2 Photographs
  • 1 photo ID
  • Address Proof
  • Driver’s Driving License

Background Check Certificate ( This will be provided by Fast Track and you have to fill it)

You can drive yourself or you can hire a driver who has commercial license and all the required documents.

Mend any dents if your car has any patches and dents. Fast Track will reject your registration of your car if it has any dents or patches.

Open a savings/current Account in your name to get it credited-money by every week.

You have to apply for Income Tax and Service Tax Number registration as it required to proceed with cab companies in India.

Provide your mobile number and get it registered with Fast Track. At the time of booking, customers are given respective mobile numbers of the drivers to contact them.

Staff in the Fast Track office(s) will give you guidelines about the procedures, offers, payment, legal details, policies, rules and regulations etc.


Contact Fast Track office in your city. Registrations for new car can only be done from Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 4PM.

Fast Track has opened their offices in the cities where their cabs are currently running. For contact details and other information visit:

It will take one day to get the procedures done, so be prepared and reach the venue in the morning.

After the registration, fasttrack will give you a mobile application at free of cost.