Riding Facilities

Safe Trip

When you book a cab with us, Fast Track app automatically finds your location to pick you up from your door-step. Once booking is confirmed, riders can see the name, license plate number, photo of the assigned driver and rider’s charges.

Cabs Tracking System

Through GPS technology, precise information on speed of the cabs, current driver, time and locations are tracked by the fleet manager of the company. Also it helps the customers aware of the route that the driver takes, who is behind the wheel and put the customers at ease.

Quick Alert

Just one Click of button will caution your dear ones, in case of emergency.

Cab for All

One of our main aims is to cater our fleet service to people from all walks of life. Our rates and charges are framed to be reasonable and affordable.

Get your Things Back

If you leave any of your belongings on the cab unknowingly, you can contact the driver and get back your item.Fast Track app is designed in a way to ensure the safety of the riders and their belongings - before, during and after every trip.

Just One Tap for Booking

Want to book a cab in a simple way???Just open Fast Track app, Tap “Ride Now” that’s it. Now you are on the cab to have a pleasant ride with us…

Tussle - Free Mode of Payment

It is as easy as eating a pie, just Select “Payment” and Click Pick a Payment/Credit/Debit Card as per your convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services offered by Fast Track?
Fast Track offers a call taxi service in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry through a fleet of modern air conditioned taxis. You can book Fast Track on our Fast Track App for Current and advance booking. You can pre-book a taxi for any date and time up to four days in advance. At least 1 hour advance notice must be given. In case of advance booking, the confirmation is given right away and taxi details are sent half an hour before the pick-up time.

Are Fast Track taxis available 24*7?
Yes, Fast Track taxis are available 24*7

What are our current cities/places of operation?
Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tirupur, Thirunelveli, Nagercoil, Vellore, Salem, Perambalur, Pudukottai, Kumbakonam, Chidambaram, Pollachi, Udumalaipettai, Pondychery and Trichy.

How do I know that my booking is confirmed?
Whether a booking is made online or over the phone, a confirmation would be sent to you via SMS, which would include your reservation number and travel details.

How do I pay after the completion of my trip?
Fast Track accepts both Cash and Cashless payments.

I don't have a Credit/Debit card. I don't have Net Banking as well. Can I still book a cab?
Yes, you can. You can call us and book a cab as per your choice over the phone.

What are the different modes of payment you support?
We accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept Cash Cards and Net Banking.

How long will the refund procedure take?
The process of refund would take a maximum of 15 working days to reflect in your statements. In case you don’t receive the refund in 15 working days, please mail us at: info@fasttracktaxi.in or call our helpline: 044 6000 6000, 044 2888 9999,044 2473 2020.

What if the car doesn't show up?
In case the vehicle you booked doesn't show up, we will refund your payment.

What if the car shows up late?
We try our best to ensure our partners reach our customers on time. But in case of delays, do call us and we will help you out by either providing an alternate vehicle or giving you a full refund.

Can I change the date and time of my booking?
Yes. You can change the date and time of booking till the first 2 days of advanced (already booked) booking for free of charge. After that, there will be a cancellation charge as per cancellation policy.

Will there be any waiting charges levied?
There is a 5-minute courtesy wait. Subsequently, a waiting charge of Re 1 will be levied per minute.

What if I have a luggage to be carried during the journey?
When booking, be clear on your requirements. Information you provide us enable to find the right vehicle that matches your requirements.

What types of cars you provide?
We provide four types of cars:

How is the total fare/price calculated for an intercity car rental service?

Intercity car rental fares constitute of various components as below:

Per KM Rate : This is base rate which will be charged on every KM travelled. The rate varies with car models and operators.

Minimum KM charged per day : There is a minimum distance which will be charged for every day of usage. In case the actual travelled distance is higher, the later will be charged. Generally the minimum distance charged per day is 250 KM. Please consider the following example for clarity: If you are using the vehicle for 2 days the minimum we will charge you for is 2*250=500 Km, in case your actual usage for the two days (combined) is less (say 450 Km) we will still charge you for 500 Km and in case your usage is higher than 500, we will charge you for your actual KM used.

Daily Driver allowances : For intercity travel customers need to pay driver night allowances. The allowance amount varies with type of car and it is applicable from IST 22:00 to 05:00.

Toll, parking and state taxes : These will be charged on actual at the end of the journey. You need to settle this with the driver in return for the relevant receipts. You can always call us at our helpline in case of any discrepancy.

Definition of a day : Day is defined as 12 midnight to next day 12 midnight for all the calculation purposes.

How is the total fare/price calculated for a local car rental service?

Local car rental fares constitute of various components as below

Base fare : This is base rate which will be charged. The base fares are generally available as 8 hour 80 KM packages.

Additional KM charges : In case the actual travel is more than the KM mentioned in the base package, additional amount per additional KM need to be paid.

Additional hour charges : In case the actual hours are more than the usage hour mentioned in the base package, additional amount per additional hour need to paid.

Toll and Parking charges : These will be charged on actual at the end of the journey. You need to settle this with the driver in return for the relevant receipts.

Advantages of booking Fast Track call taxi?

We provide quality taxis at economical rates. Our taxis are well maintained, driven by experienced and polite drivers to make your travel comfortable.

Why should I provide feedback to Fast Track?

Your feedback is an important part of our rating system that helps people to make better decision on their taxi hiring. It also used for our company’s growth.

Can you hire two drivers for a single car?

You can appoint two drivers for a single car, because this will increase your profit in the business. The only point is you need to assign separate time schedule for both the drivers.

How to get a commercial license for a cab business?

Fast Track Call Taxi Company is ready to help you in this regard. If you contact them, they will guide you.

How much you can earn per month?

If your driver makes trip for 11 hours per day, you can earn up to 30k to 40k which includes incentives and bonus.

What are the important things that a cab driver should know before taking up this business?

You need to train your driver on cab’s mobile application and how to track ride order through gaps. Also, make sure that your driver is polite and kind towards the customers and this will increase your business prospects.

Can you attach your cab with two companies?

Yes it is possible, but while completing your ride order, you need to switch off all other devices and save your money from deduction. If you cancel or do not respond to next ride order, your money will be automatically deducted (fault fee) from your account for not taking the order.

What are the future prospects of App Taxi business?

People prefer comfortable ride to noisy, crowded and less comfortable mode of transport, so this is a booming business where the investors can look forward and have promising future.