The individual can earn regular income by attaching his vehicle in 2 types.

Self - Maintained

Any person owning one or two or a few number of cabs can attach them with FAST TRACK by paying a nominal Refundable Deposit and thereafter a nominal monthly payment namely the call centre fees. They have to maintain the cabs on their own by employing their own driver.

Lease Concept

Under this concept, those willing to earn by investing on cabs can hand over the cab to FAST TRACK wherein, the company itself will run the cab and will reward the person handing over with monthly or annuals returns depending upon the cab type & its quality viz., brand new or old.


To achieve the goal of becoming the largest call taxi co in India, FAST TRACK is interested in associating with well established call cab operators in various regions who are willing to do so. Under this, the Trade mark name of FAST TRACK can be used by the operator who will be paying a nominal fee towards royalty. Thus, they too become a member of the FAST TRACK Family, thereby serving two purposes: expansion of services and investment opportunity to a larger no of people.